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Hiding his marriage for four years, the reporter who took the picture then blasted Wu Chun, “You threatened to sue us at that time. My dad instructed me to keep it a secret too.” Matilda Tao, who was the host for the press conference, quickly jumped in to ease the tense moment.

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“I have another baby coming soon.” Yesterday, Wu Chun suddenly confessed through his blog post about his secret marriage to his high school sweetheart, Lin Liying and went on disclosing that they have a daughter.

At the press conference for the launch of his new bookthis afternoon, the Fahrenheit member immediately bowed to the media when he got up the stage.

there's nothing new about Apple Daily's way of work , really . Wasnt Selina dating a lawyer guy for three years and she and her family denied it ?

And just a few months before, when SHE was interviewed by numerous tv programmes during promo of SHERO, all three, including Selina denied having a boyfriend?

During the celebration banquet TANK went for Ella for a kiss, Ella in front of rumoured boyfriend Wu Zun played kissy with her younger brother, TANK hung around elder sis Ella was a bit overwhelmed by her spoiling says: “My heart attack is about to start!

” Because TANK was on stage getting an award and expressed that Ella is the female artist he would like to kiss most.

Wu Chun went on to with more shocking announcement that his wife is pregnant again and will soon give birth in October.

“There is still a little boy who will be born soon,” said the 33-year-old.

The feelings for this album is really deep, it's really like writing about myself, once recorded until crying." If the BF doesn't answer the phone, and the person suddenly disappears, she and Hebe would believe there's no battery on the mobile or reception is not good, but on the other hand, Selina said: "I prefer to love my self, so I won't let myself be hurt that badly." The 3 sisters are noisy, also straight forward, from Hebe's low cut dress to how to "seize leak" 抓漏, talking all the way to Ella was able to talk rated with Selina and Hebe's parents, but the details, will probably washed by "HIM" cleaned up.

The new album, "My Radio Station FM SHE" will be out for advance purchase in Oct, the online radio station will be broadcasting at the end of the month, each day there'll be a 1 hour pre recording but there'll also be live.

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Ella ~ Buying a Gold colored bag for the first time Ella’s usual dress style is “handsome”, the carried bags are usually very big and soft, very casual bags, which is suitable for her sporty style, but this time she has her eyes a golden colored bag from a South Korean brand called inch. Korea really likes to design gold colored bags, I don’t know what crazy thing happened to me to actually for the first time to buy a gold colored bag, of course it’s a little weird.” This type of bag is about ,000 NT it’s Ella’s newest product in hand, it’s large size is practical for use. As a deejay, Selina, 27, is her usual sweet, girlish self as she discusses current affairs and bizarre tales around the world.

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