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II est reinarquable de voir reveler par la physiologic l'e\i- tence de radiatious que les proced^s de la pbysique n'avaieut pas inis en evidence.

L'auteur a etudie aussi faction de l'iutensite de la luniiere totale sur la direction des tiges; il a fail voir a ce propos qu'une tige provenaut de la g.-rininati.n d'une Vesce {Yiria sntivti) pent eons tituer un pbotoim'-ire phis -fusible que eeux usites |iar les physi ciens.

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1ven a comp H- tmli M/\cn be has made his &00tb Itlve appearance In "Adonhj." The [wi U oonw very itoon. A man named Green (and a very ap- lute name U la), who lives h» Palmyra, ^,, hj fa Mting, and In Hl Bt H c\\r It is in enough, when you 8ee it. A correspo M^utrfrom Pepperell writes M follows : Toor item abool the sale of one-octillionth of ai Kcre of land iias set me a tiguring to as- i Ut Sm how large such "piece or parcel of land** b».

Seward Ih authority for ^ s Utement that «500,000 has l)cen raised 3iy the New York aldermen to grant a t 6t way in Fifth avenue to a cable rall- . Tb« New York board of alder- i#B«nt come«o high as tha L ..

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vmy country to country.

spectre sur I'intlexiou des tiges du cote de la luniiere. A partir de ces radiations, I'heliotropisme augmente soit vers Tinfra-rouge, soit plus encore pour les radiations qui vout du jaune a l'ultra-violet.

Dans cette deruiere region du spectre, manifeste encore pour des rayons ultra-violets plus refrangibles que les ultimes rayons photographiques ou plus refrangibles que les radiations dernieres faisant encore luire les substances tluores- centes.

the visible ruler was onlv lleutejiant-govern or renresenting Goil. In these books of kings what Is said of Josiah -that he , 'turned not •wide to the right or to the left." A blame- Cs king, feai^ng his God, loving his people, Hlways trying to'^do right^higher praise the word of G5d has not given to anv ruler, rcompare 2 Kings xvili.

onlv lleutenant-govern- Such a king was ^t Bcellanrotm. And in this setisc Josiah wa ked in David's ways, that .«, ruled h^e Dav d. Knt of no king— not even of David, nor Herekbih-ls said.


Ill Ml Livraison du 15 Janvier 1908 ]sr u ss© PARIS LIBRAIRIE GMRALE DE L'ENSEIGNEMENT LIVRAISON DU 45 JANVIER \ et ties eleves » (1).

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. bit««d HMxndfaig to Act ot Co Dgn M, In th* 7MV 1171, ^ 9. BABKini, In tba Offi M of Um Libntf Un of Congra**, at WMhtngtna, •i M X Statloner'i Hall, Londan, 424671 [Y WIFE AND FAMILT I DBDICATB THta STORY OF A UIFB VTHICH HAS BEEN LAROBLY DBVOTVO TO THBIR TMTSRJBSTS AKD SBRVICK. To the Public : 5Iy " Struggles and Trinmphs " were origii written iu 181J9, under a contract witli the eminent ptiblishen Messrs. Trees." I was thus a real estate owner almost at my very birth ; aud of my property " Ivy Islaud," something shall be said auon.

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