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The Austrian 's free fall only lasted 4 minutes and 19 seconds.There were a couple of scares during the skydiver's fall to Earth.

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If surfing alone has lost its thrill, then try adding a kite to the mix because why not?

Take your date to a class at the Halifax Surf School this school, and spend a romantic day on the water learning how to both fly and surf @lesliegates89Get a group of couples together and organise a massive game of Bubble Soccer, in which players get into a giant inflatable plastic shield and go nuts tackling one another while also trying to seem like semi-capable athletes.

Matt Siegmann - you rock too Buddy - for always looking out for me - Thank You.

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and great customer service.

He swiftly dropped to his knees and threw up his arms in victory.

It was a nail-biting two-hour ride to the stratosphere; the Austrian made it back home in less than 10 minutes.

"Caitlin: "It's all about being positive and doing whatever you can to make them like you."Jonesy: "Nah.

One is a nice photo of Caitlin, while the other is an awkward Wyatt.]Jonesy: "Picks will be done in private so it's not awk-ward, but both must pick each other to receive that second date offer. " [The food court murmurs.]Nikki: "Let the games begin! Wow, I didn't–" [She checks the cheat sheet.]Jonesy: [in her mind] "Rule number 3: no matter what, you're always right."Jen: "Like I said, we did speed date already! "Caitlin: [whispering] "Don't worry about it, let's just have a good time with these guys! "Jonesy: "This doesn't concern you."Jen: "This doesn't concern you!

[Jonesy and Nikki are staring into each other's eyes.]Nikki: "You know who's the cutest guy around? I'm totally wasting my high school sweetheart years."Nikki: "Try going on a date or something."Wyatt: "It's been one heck of a dating dry spell."Jen: "And, even if you're lucky enough to get a date, you know within the first five minutes the person sucks."Caitlin: "But then, you've still gotta get through a two-hour dinner."Nikki: "You know what you guys should try? In the event of a real suggestion, you'll be notified without a sarcastic tone, okay? "[Nikki rings the bell to start the dating session.

"Jonesy: "I am."Nikki: "Ope, hold on." [She looks around.] "Yep! Speed dating." [She laughs.]Caitlin: "That's a great idea! "Jonesy: "Hold them horses, Nikki, you're on to something there! " [A bunch of people have gathered to speed date.]Jonesy: [to Jen] "Okay, so what you want to do is keep telling yourself none of these guys are good enough, no matter how hot they are."Wyatt: "You got anything for me? Well, if you don't know what to talk about, try singing. Jen is at a table with a blonde guy.]Jonesy: [in her memory] "You gotta be unattainable! " [She checks her cheat sheet.]Jen: "I don't like you." [Her date looks shocked.] "Right–now."[Jonesy slaps his forehead. Nice to meet–" [A fly flies into his mouth, and he chokes until he finally swallows it.] "Anyway–"[The bell rings.]Wyatt: "Um...."Jonesy: [in his memory] "Foot in the mouth."[Wyatt doesn't say anything for a few more seconds until he gets the idea to pick up his guitar and play.

Felix Baumgartner successfully jumped from 24 miles above Earth today.

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