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Appearing like a dream come true for advertisers wanting to appeal to a rebellious teen audience, at the same time horrifying their parents, it was pitched as a tawdry sex and drugs fest simply after titillation and ill-advised wish-fulfilment for its impressionable young audience.

But for those that gave it a chance, wondrous moments of entertainment lay in wait.

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Androgynous Franky got a glimpse of that world, but we knew the optimistic happiness could never last. Sophia falls (4x01 Thomas) What better way to make a statement about your new series than to kill someone in the first five minutes?

After a year away, left on an uncertain note no less, series four came back with a literal bang, as we see new girl Sophia walking through a club before launching herself from the top floor.

Maybe he’s moved on and wants nothing to do with them, or her…

and it’s her worst nightmare that maybe she already has lost both Freddie and Cook.

The first episode of the show came nine years ago in 2007 – we know, terrifying.

The cast, who were teens at the time, are all grown up these days, and the show seems to have given most of them pretty stellar careers.So naturally a road trip and lots of soul searching ensues.And somewhere along the way she finds the boy she was looking for all along.) Tumblr Prompt-JJ,sick and tired of his only true friends alienating him in favor of a girl who doesn't care for either of them,decides to ditch his old behavior and give them what they want.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply. If only it wasn't stolen from them." Day 7 of My 31 Favorite Ships Cook calls Effy in the middle of the night to relay to her the events that had taken place while Effy and her friends were all unknowingly celebrating Freddie's birthday in his shed.

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