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" Mc Ginty chuckled then, as old men do when confronted by the zeal of their younger counterparts, then he said the obvious, "Well, hell, son, it was downright scary." Mc Ginty said the enemy fighters had rounded the corner of his bunker and he turned to see them pointing their weapons at him, dead to rights. "Let me tell you one thing, if it weren't for that Colt 1911, I'd be dead right now." Mc Ginty told me it was his, and some other MOH recipients, personal mission to see the reinstatement of the Colt 1911 as general issue.Though they "had very little clout to throw around, believe it or not." Being qualified with the weapon, I have to say don't blame him, most Marines I'd ever talked to hated the standard issue 9 mm Beretta. And now, the Colt .45 M1911 is making a big comeback, now that the U. Marines have placed a .5 million order for the Connecticut-made pistols.

Mc Ginty got his wish, Fox News reported that Marines have recently started to fill orders for a new 1911 .45-caliber colt pistol.

Llama Firearms, officially known as Llama-Gabilondo y Cia SA, was a Spanish arms company founded in 1904 under the name Gabilondo and Urresti.

"I was quite upset when they went to the Beretta," Lewis said.

Some reports suggest Marines are not happy with their main Beretta M9s for their lack of accuracy and stopping power. Forces 101 years after its initial introduction is just an incredible testament to the timeless design and effectiveness of the Colt 1911," Dinkel said.

Safety first is always important when dealing with any gun, so make sure to remove any cartridges and the clip before watching this guide on how to disassemble the Colt 1911 handgun for maintenance or inspection.

Follow the steps described in the video and you'll have your Colt 1911 disassembled in no time.At this point Luger withdrew, not wishing to tool up for such a small number of guns for a relatively small potential contract.Savage, too, initially declined to supply the pistols — and then changed its mind. This total included prototypes and a batch to replace pistols that went missing in transit.Its headquarters were in Eibar in the Basque Country, Spain, but they also had workshops during different times in Elgoibar and Vitoria.Llama manufactured moderate-priced revolvers and self-chambering pistols in a bewildering variety of models.The gun has long been the weapon of choice for special operations agents, thanks to its reliability and the stopping power of its massive bullets.

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