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Other than that, it's standard LX, which means all-steel-monocoque bodywork and overall competence without really inspiring.

The 125cc and 50cc engines are reasonably responsive with good, if not exceptional, performance, while the handling is a little too flighty at high speeds and nervous when riding more slowly.

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At the press presentation, they were terribly excited about the new model, based on the LX50/125, when the only difference most of us here might spot is the change from round to square headlight. In fact, the original 1970s Vespa S holds the same sort of favourite corner in Italian hearts as the Yamaha FS1-E sixteener moped does in Britain; the first, most fun wheels in so many riders' biking careers.

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Vespa engine number databese is also provaded next to Vespa frame number within each year or vespa model modifiaction.

In this page you can hava a vespa serial number search or vespa chassis number search Useful articles how to locate VIN number: An Italian vintage Vespa, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is going to start with a "V".

To decode your VIN (vespa vin decoder) use the VIN lookup table at the top.

You will able to find what year is your vespa, The location of the VIN or frame number on a Vintage Vespa varies according to the type of model it is. The motor number on all smallframe Vespas is stamped on the rear of the motor, next to the oil fill plug, and just below the shock absorber mount. Open the carb access door, and it will be on the upper lip.

Vespa S memories are banked with those of first loves, first crashes, first independence, the turbulent transition from child teen to adult teen; a square headlight brings all of that back to the hundreds of thousands of Italians who grew up in the 1960s, '70s and '80s with their Pontedera-built pair of wheels.

This feeling's not alien to us; there are those Brits who eschewed the default Yamaha, more taken by the scooter scene entwined with northern soul, ska and the Jam.

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