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Her mother, Patti, was a former cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Wilkinson's father, Eric, left the family when Kendra was four years old.

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Barbi Benton Back in 1968 it was only kind of creepy that 42-year-old Hugh Hefner was dating an 18-year-old.

But when a teenage extra named Barbara Klein started "acting" like Hef's girlfriend during episodes of the series "Playboy After Dark," she soon found herself cast in the real-life role, too.

, mom-of-two Kendra Wilkinson shared that she cheated on boyfriend Hugh Hefner while they were living together in the alleged house of horrors.

"I wasn't there for romantic reasons and for marital reasons like Holly was," she boldly admitted to Khloé Kardashian.

Honestly, if you look quickly at a photo of Hef's latest batch of ladies, it's even a bit hard to distinguish 22-year-old Crystal Harris from the 19-year-old Shannon sisters.

But luckily for Hef, either Karissa or Kristina has a small mark on her neck that helps him crack the bombshell code. Or is the world's most legendary bachelor just getting that old?

Take a look at some of the women he's wooed over the years.

Photo gallery: See Hef's girlfriends through the years.

So, let's get this straight—Hank cheated on Kendra, Kendra cheated on Hugh, Hugh got it on with, well, everyone.

The Daily Mirror reported she said: "I was usually very drunk during those evenings.

but in my life, it was the right choice for me to make.

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