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You simply MUST have current, clear, high quality photos on your profile. say that you’re a good fit for someone who enjoys regular workouts and a healthy diet. But the key is to get VERY clear with yourself about what really matters most.A sharp, smiling face shot and the ESSENTIAL full body shot – THIS YEAR’s version of you. if you want to have second dates, you’ll want to have as few surprises as possible on the first date. Whittle your oh-so-long list of Ideal Mate Qualifiers down to Your Top Five.I signed up for online dating in 2008 after a not-so-subtle suggestion from my mother, who was tired watching me date Mr. She suggested I try it for a month, "just for fun." Naturally, I was skeptical.

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Skip the shirtless selfie in the bathroom mirror, lose the shot with 6 other bridesmaids, ditch that sunglasses and cap shot. Next time you spend any quality time in the mirror to look nice for an event – take THAT opportunity to have a friend shoot a bunch of photos, to capture a great one for your profile. These are the qualities, characteristics and attributes that you would be unhappy without.

You’d rather be alone for the rest of your life than choose a partner who wasn’t made up of these five elements.

Let no fib or untruth sneak onto your profile page.

Have a trusted friend review what you’ve written and invite that person to help you embellish, slash and reword what you’re choosing to share about yourself.

While there’s nothing wrong with being happily single or casually dating, this is the place for people who have realised that they’re looking for something more serious.

It’s for people who are looking for love and commitment.

Avoid stating what you don’t like and what you aren’t looking for, rather state what you want and what you’re looking for - a positive attitude is attractive.

Secondly, upload at least 4-5 profile pictures, including one close up, one social shot and one shot doing what you love. To be honest, men find love the same way women do, so be sure to read the paragraph above.

There are a number of great reasons to try online dating.

First off, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to give out your name, your location or any personal information.

Rita Louise When performing psychic readings for clients the number one topic I am asked about is about relationships.

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