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The film, starring Northern Irish actor Antonia Campbell-Hughes as Miss Kampusch, will be released across Europe this month and shows Priklopil taking his young captor out of the cellar he constructed beneath his house near Vienna and raping her.

Californication foi uma telessérie americana criada por Tom Kapinos que estreou em 2007 pelo canal Showtime.

Já foi indicada para diversos prêmios e vencedora de um prêmio Emmy e de um Globo de Ouro.

Ms Kampusch was only 10 years old when Priklopil, a 44-year-old communications technician, snatched her off a Vienna street and bundled into the back of a van.

She spent the next eight-and-a-half years imprisoned in a specially built underground cell beneath her tormentor’s home.

Em sua primeira temporada, Californication teve recepção geralmente favorável por parte da crítica especializada.

In her autobiography she tells how she was beaten up to 200 times a week, chained to her captor while they slept together in his bed, and forced to shave off her hair and work half-naked as a domestic slave.

'" Adlon says in her distinctly husky voice from her L. She explained the show to her own kids and told them that she's not embarrassed of the plots, that it's for adults, and now she's at peace with it.

"You're allowed to have a life on the side, and everybody's allowed to have redemption," she says now."Yet I was still a child, and I needed the consolation of touch.So, after a few months underground, I asked my kidnapper to embrace me. I went into a claustrophobic panic when he held me too tight." They eventually found a way that was a compromise.She also tells how Priklopil forced her to share his bed."When I was 14, I spent the night above ground for the first time.Eles afirmam na ação que a série "constitui uma falsa denominação de origem, e tem causado e continua a causar um risco de confusão, engano, e quanto à origem, patrocínio, associação e / ou de conexão nas mentes do público ".

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