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A lot of us are musicians, so we will get together and jam out. TS: I’m doing my own solo project now called “Naked Eye” with a guy named James Kennedy; he’s a great producer.

One of my best friends at the time, Jermaine Stewart…was a backing vocalist for Shalamar when we toured and there were a couple of instances where Dick Griffey had arranged for Howard to do shows as Shalamar but we [Jody and Jeffrey] weren’t invited.

And it’s things like that when Dick Griffey says “some tension,” well that was definitely one to cause some tension.

Update: Before we get into what Jody said about all the drama, we want to give you this quick update.

After this story was published, Jody Watley sent us this message to share with her fans ( Jody on the shady business tactics that started happening: “Dick Griffey [the owner of Shalamar’s record label, Solar Records] mentioned that he had given Howard a million dollar advance and I thought ‘Well finally, I guess that was true because that was a rumor toward the end [of our group’s years together] that Dick Griffey was cutting deals with Howard.

The first thing that came to our minds was ‘Why are Jody, Howard and Jeffrey (the original Shalamar members) doing that?

’ We did a lil’ fact finding on this and found out that a while back, Jody Watley had a whole lot to say about the real deal behind their break up and why they were never able to reunite.Nia Peeples: I don’t think Maya is the best choice. You don’t know someone until you lived with them for three years–that’s my rule of thumb! And when you’re exploring your own sexuality at this stage in your life, there’s a lot more discovery. Watching this movie is like eating cotton candy - there's a lot of sweetness and not much substance, but it's a joy to consume while it lasts.My Big Fat Greek Wedding starts out as a modern day Cinderella story and culminates with the traditional end to most fairy tale romances - the wedding, with all of its associated complexities and mishaps.There's a significant element of cultures clashing here, as well.

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