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Having spent months in intensive care, the boys still were not healthy enough to go to day care with their older brother, so Addison posted an ad online for a nanny.

After interviewing six candidates, she hired someone she thought she could trust – a nanny who is a mother herself, had a background in child care and had a “glowing recommendation” from someone who had known her for 15 years.“She came in to our house around Christmastime and visited with the boys and us and our other son,” Addison said.

April the giraffe, baby Tajiri and papa Oliver are all hanging out in their stalls.

“And that went on for six minutes.”Later, she saw her other son fall from the nanny’s chest into the side of the couch.“She was, at one point, holding Bryce up on her chest, but was too concerned with what was on the television and changing the channel.

When he fell off her chest, she didn’t pick him up right away,” Addison said.

(AP) - April the giraffe's calf is nursing strongly and his mother is recovering "perfectly," said officials with Animal Adventure Park on Sunday after a morning veterinarian check with the newborn.

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WATCH LIVE: April the giraffe and her calf get to know each other Patch called the birth "unnerving" to watch.

Update June 6, p.m.: If you haven't heard, our gloomy days are behind us! Check out the live stream below and welcome back the spotted, "horned" members of your family.

At least 1.2 million people watched the Adventure Park's You Tube streaming of the event.

Zoo owner Jordan Patch said both mom and calf were doing fine.

“And then, she went and held him upside down, which, to me, is just not how you should hold a baby,”Addison left work early, returned home, told the nanny what she had seen and fired her."She never denied what she did," Addison said. She never denied it." When Addison started watching the video files on the camera’s hard drive, she discovered more.

April gave birth to a healthy male calf Saturday at the privately owned Animal Adventure Park before an online audience of more than a million viewers.

The 15-year-old giraffe delivered her calf shortly before 10 a.m.

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