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Tue Feb 11 2014, 4268/1689478912, DEBUG squidclamav_check_preview_handler: processing preview header. This file comes from a test server I now is really working.

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Updating icap codeword 11 31

The following table lists the number of error correction code words that you are required to generate for each version and error correction level of QR code.

These values can be used to determine how many data bytes and error correction bytes are required for a given Reed-Solomon block.

I've done a fresh install using 2.3-RELEASE (amd64) I'm getting from time to time the "ICAP protocol error"I found this page supposes to have the solution.

I just don't know where and what parameters I should use. I tried squid the antivirus that is part of the squid install and got the same error.

The problem for me was actually that the antivirus database was not updated.

It is not updated when you first install the package. Once I went to the antivirus tab on squid and manually went through the antivirus database update I was able to start clamd and then squid worked for me.When setting up the settings in Move It DMZ, it has a test to send an eicar to the icap antivirus server. Here are the logs (I removed the IP for security purposes).Mon Feb 10 2014, 9384/484210432, DEBUG squidclamav_init_request_data: initializing request data handler.# Default: # Max Spare Threads 20 -Max Spare Threads 20 Max Spare Threads 50 # TAG: Threads Per Child # Format: Threads Per Child number @@ -89,7 89,7 @@ # The number of threads per child process.# Default: # Threads Per Child 10 -Threads Per Child 10 Threads Per Child 50 # TAG: Max Requests Per Child # Format: Max Requests Per Child number @@ -175,7 175,7 @@ # The acceptable range of levels is between 0 and 10.A Group Manager has either active or standby status.

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