Dating disambiguation

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Dating disambiguation

Ambiverse provides solutions for automatic text understanding and intelligent text production and is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with an EXIST Transfer of Research grant.

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Once this is completed, it will be possible to use the stable TM PER ID (for persons) and TM person REF ID (for attestations of persons) identifiers (and URIs) to link up with EDH.

This Sem Eval task was organised for Sem Eval 2014 and offer a new cross-lingual and application-oriented task for Sem Eval that finds itself in the area where techniques from Word Sense Disambiguation and Machine Translation meet.

To experimentally verify the quality of AIDA, we annotated nearly 1,400 newswire articles with the entities mentioned in each article.

This collection is available for download (see Downloads).

Since the Epigraphic Database Heidelberg (EDH) has made all of its data available to download in various formats in an Open Data Repository, it is possible to extract the person data from the EDH Linked Data RDF.

A first step in enriching this prosopographic data might be to link the EDH person names with PIR and Trismegistos (TM) references.

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The issues of working length determination, its apical extent, and the position of the final root canal filling have been controversial, as differing points of view have existed between the biologically based and clinically based endodontic gurus regarding this concept for decades.

In the case where there is only one person attested in a text, the PIR reference can be linked directly to the RDF of that EDH person attestation.

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