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The majority of photos show hopeful daters hugging or touching the tiger in photo ops staged at zoos or other wildlife centers overseas.

The pictures are showing up on a number of dating sites including Ok Cupid, Hinge and Tinder, according to the report. I can see how men might want to be associated with that."It's hard to draw any real conclusions without hard data or research on the tiger pictures, Toma said, but her past studies have shown that people use profile photos to convey messages."There's a lot of signaling that's happening," she said.

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While there aren't any hard numbers available, some Tinder users told the Journal that as many as one in 10 profile pictures includes a tiger. The pose, location and subjects in the photos communicate aspects of the individual's personality such as interests and values, according to Toma."You're trying to capture an entire, three-dimensional person into a brief and technologically bound profile.

Whether or not that anecdotal information is accurate, the phenomenon has inspired a number of blogs documenting the big cat trend including 'Tigers of Tinder,' 'Tinder Guys With Tigers' and 'Tigers on Tinder.'"A tiger has powerful symbolism," Catalina Toma, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor and expert on the social effects of online communication, told USA TODAY Network. All you have at your disposal is text and visual cues," she said.

i'm not super duper ripped and i'm not huge but you can tell i work out.

Because men misrepresent themselves with pics, lie about age, and bombarded me.... they were like perpetual job interviews that shortly in, I realized didn't want the position... There's 1 or 2 women online for every 5 men, and that's best case scenario.

Online daters beware: There's a tiger trend on the loose.

A substantial number of men, and some women, are using online profile photos of themselves posed with tigers to turn heads, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

But I have the ability to make women laugh, confidence bordering on cockiness, and am comfortable talking to strangers.

I spent a little time developing a profile that intrigued women and while I won't claim to be the champion of bedding babes from online dating sites, I had sexual encounters with women from both and e-harmony. Pretty much the same concept of Tinder, except the woman has to message first when a match is made.

Admittedly, the legislation only prevents direct contact between members of the public and tigers in the state of New York and declares that "the purpose of this bill is to protect animal caretakers, those interacting with wild animals, bystanders, and the animals themselves”; rather than the prevention of any amorous encounters then.

The internet dating app Tinder is apparently the biggest culprit for the “tiger-selfie” with some Tinder users "estimating they encounter tigers in one out of every 10 profiles they view,” the Wall Street Journal said.

Yes, the photo equivalent of saying something totally cliche that he thinks is actually original ("There's no such thing as a typical Friday night! Finance guys have them, artsy guys have them, nerdy guys have them.

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