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“The Teen Aid board didn’t have enough money to pay me for the school year so I decided to write a play, perform it in the 30 schools where I taught the program in and sell T-shirts related to the themes in the play,” he said during a sit down at a local coffee shop.“It was such a big success that I did this for the next two years, writing longer plays and performing them and selling merchandise to pay my salary.” From such humble, but creative, beginnings came a passion for theatre and later for film.Besser noch – sie haben etwas, was die italienischen Edel-Produkte nicht besitzen.

Simes started that teaching job in Humboldt in 1989. He got paid this time, but with his love of drama and storytelling instilled.

He was moving away from being a Phys Ed teacher and into the world of drama.

It’s wonderful when Saskatoon people do wondrous things. A movie the Saskatoon high school teacher and part-time movie maker wrote and directed will open Sept. Tom was born and raised here, attending Sutherland and Westmount elementary schools and then Bedford Road Collegiate, where he had to listen to Kelly Bowers for four years.

He has taught in the city for the better part of 27 years. He had access to a larger pool of actors and liked the feel an American crew brought to the film.

Tom shot his movie — Because of Gracia — in the United States after considering Alberta. It looks and is acted like a big-budget movie despite Tom only having $1 million to spend.

His home province wasn’t in the running because of the knockout blow the industry took when the film-tax credit was deep-sixed five years ago. He spent it wisely and it went much farther than it would have in Edmonton.

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Had Tom Simes been paid for his first teaching job, who knows when his artistic side would have emerged.

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