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If you’re not in the market for a new job, chances are you haven’t updated your CV or thought about your key talents for a while.Many people see career tools like CVs and Linked In profiles as assets that need investing in only sporadically, often triggered by a job search.

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Use no more than 50 words and make each sentence a strong selling point. Organising and planning comes as second nature to me and I take great pride in the detail of tasks This is where you show the skills you have that will suit the job you want. These could be good to include if they're relevant to you: Interests outside of work help employers get a more rounded picture of you.

Before you rush to write a list of all the things you¿re capable of, make sure you understand what skills are important for the job you¿re applying for. For example, if you play a team sport this shows you work well with others, or if you like to travel this shows an interest in other cultures.

That's why it's crucial to get it right from the start.

To help you see what kind of information to include on your CV here is our guide.

If you register your CV in Sweden your profile is active for 4 months and you may extend the period by updating your profile. Please read Important when applying before registering your CV.

If you have applied for a specific position in Sweden, you can update your application while the application period is in progress.

Your CV is designed to do one thing: get you an interview.

However, on average your potential employer will only spend between 20-30 seconds on your CV.

You took time off from your career to start a family and are now eager to jump back into the concrete playground.

But how will your previous experience measure up in today’s changed workplace when your current skills involve changing nappies and chauffeuring kids around?

Recent North American research from Linked In revealed that 40% of people had been referred to their latest job by a connection who already worked there.

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