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That was what really inspired me to write the story because when I did tell people little tidbits of my life their reaction was, ‘Wow, I can’t believe you’re still standing,’ so I thought, ‘Well this would be a really good story to get out.’ FOX411: You became a mother at a very young age, as did your sister. Basically she just stuck us in in a trailer and told us to pay rent. I was also getting with the guys who I knew had the most drugs. Chapman: Because of my accusations against him I really felt he thought I was a threat. I had pretty much broken the cardinal rule as far as the Chapman family went and I was written off.At one point it was just me and my daughter and I was coming up with 0 rent every month by babysitting. I [falsely] accused my father of raping me when I was 11. It was a horrible life that I never wanted to go back to, living with him and Beth and the fighting and the drugs.

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That all changed the day he stumbled upon his siblings reading fanfiction...about him.

Now he's as obsessed with the author as she is with him.

When I got to my mother’s, although she drank, it was much more peaceful.

I was in school, I had friends, I was willing to do anything to not go back.

Family typically has a problem with a psychotic person who forces themselves into their family.

It's no coincidence that the MLC is the only woman the family has had a problem with. LOL The bottom line here is that everything about the MLC is a lie. Yet somehow Lyssa, 25, managed to turn her life around.Her inspiring story is recounted in ‘Walking on Eggshells.’ The mother of two daughters, aged almost 11 and three, spoke to FOX411 about the book. Lyssa Chapman: It’s so funny I keep hearing that but really it was the only life I ever knew. Right after I had the baby my mom moved with her boyfriend. I'm sure it burns deep knowing the guy who sleeps next to her at night isn't there because he chose to be. He ended the relationship and only came back because she blackmailed him.Jamie-Lynn Corinthos has a past that she is trying to keep under wraps..bad her young cousin didn't get the memo.

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