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Despite the long pattern of turnovers and shifts from one owner to another, the long list of turnovers has not changed the quality of the products and the satisfaction Knabe pianos give to whomever plays them. The company made drastic success until the early 1850’s.

After his move to the United States from Germany, William Knabe worked for a well-known piano maker, Henry Hartge, and four years later, in 1837, Knabe started selling and repairing used pianos on his own.

In 1932, Aeolian purchased American, and together they formed the Aeolian-American Corporation Knabe became part of the Mason & Hamlin Corporation, along with Falcone, Sohmer, and George Steck. Present Day Manufacturing Samick acquired the name Wm. from Piano Disc, the owner of Mason and Hamlin in 2001.

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I hope this list will be a useful one to all at ICW.

OK it goes like this..starting with Japanese built guitars: 1997 to Now F=Fujigen factory, 2nd & 3rd digit=year made(eg 04=2004) next 5 digits =month & build number Jan=5000 Feb=10000 Mar=15000 Apr=20000 May=25000 June=30000 July=35000 Aug=40000 Sept=45000 Oct=50000 Nov=55000 Dec=60000 So an example here is for a recent model with a Serial number F0330210 = Fujigen 2003 June 210th guitar built.

any piano maker that does not publish sn is probably not worth dealing with.

best deal for you is to try to find out where it came from and who bought it when?

Then you compare the numbers and make a guess as to the year. This is an old serial number, prior to when the switched over to new serial number structure. I own a Red Mahogany SAMICK SG-172 with a very similar serial number. Anthony is only showing his ignorance and arrogance in stating his opinion about your piano.

Knabe Pianos remain as one of the most celebrated piano brands in the world. In 1839, Knabe opened a partnership with Henry Gaehle, as Knabe & Gaehle, for the purpose of manufacturing pianos in Baltimore, Maryland.

Player action is installed wholly under the keybed.

This player does not operate but all parts are there. This is the largest upright piano that Yamaha makes and is the closest to a grand piano sound as possible in an upright piano because of its long strings and large soundboard. Almost all old upright pianos like this one were made before 1930. All the standard digital piano voices and pipe organ plus a ton of misc voices like laughing, thunder, and dog barking, 2 recording tracks, 3 pedals, transpose, metronome, midi connections, and a hard sliding key cover. This piano was refinished, probably in the 70s or 80s.

1984 to 1996 example serial number F232104 F=Fujigen 2=1992 as an example 3=March production So 1=Jan 12=Dec 2104 guitar built for that month 2104th made 1975 to 1983 Example serial number C800358 C=March So A=Jan M=Dec 80 = 1980 year of build 0358= 358th guitar built for that month.

Sung Eum Factory Example serial number E9052345 E=Sung Eum 9=1999 05= May So 01=Jan 12=Dec 2345= 2345th guitar built for that month Korean Built Ibanez Cort Factory Acoustics and Electrics start with C eg C03071234 C=Factory 03=2003 07=July 1234=1234th guitar built for that month Saehan Factory: acoustics start with SQ, electrics start with S Sae-In Factory starts with A These other factories follow the same serial number pattern as the Cort Korean factory.

On the other hand if you are trying to sell it, the condition is more important than the date. I didn't ask your opinion about my piano as I think that my Samick piano plays better then a Steinway.

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