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Finally, our regular quarterly Market Observatory Technical Applications update looks at what industries are the highest spender on Technical Applications Software.more In this issue of our ezine, Peter Thorne writes about his experiences at this year's Hannover Messe trade show for engineering and production.

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The custom ezine software provides the perfect solution for any business looking to produce a scalable website that includes all the features of a printed magazine.

By combining usable functionality with an engaging interface, we allow you to showcase your publication online.

The Internet allows magazine publishers to expand their readership to a wider global audience.

Take advantage of the growing online market by reproducing your publication in an engaging online format.

Every computer operating system is different and requires a different set of instructions to "talk to" your hardware components, such as wireless routers, printers, speakers, scanners, Bluetooth devices, etc.

Some folks have had problems with their hardware devices not functioning with newer operating system versions.

The vendor, UMI, had promised the audio would be fabulous.

And it is -- whether listening by corded headphones, Bluetooth ones, or plugged directly into a fine stereo.

With moderate usage, it lasts 24 hours; with heavy usage, about 16. I never used security on my Android phones, because it was just one more step to turning it on -- or four more steps, when a 4-digit number has to be entered.

So no way it will last two days, sadly, as UMI claims. But with the fingerprint reader, I just press my finger I recorded a finger on each hand: left hand for normally turning on using two hands, right hand for one-handed turning on.

We've now updated the mechanism for sending out the ezine, and this page remains as an archive of previous editions.

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