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Spinelli's ex, Maxie, confessed her love for Spinelli after Ellie and Spinelli slept together, which put doubts in Ellie's head about her connection to Spinelli.

Ellie helped with Maxie's impregnation of Dante and Lulu's baby, and soon broke up with Spinelli because he kept putting Maxie first.

After a brief discussion with Ruby Anderson she gets a room at Kelly's Diner.

If anything looks or sounds different than you're used to, understand that it's because of a decision that I made.

Damian Spinelli is a fictional character on ABC's daytime drama General Hospital. Y'know, like, 'With this ring until death do us part'?

From the regular social media postings by Cheryl featuring Kelly, it seems far more likely that Kelly is single right now, playing the field, not in a committed relationship, and not with Billy Miller. Even if Billy and Kelly are dating you would never know it.

They were photographed on a beach in Malibu frolicking in the waves in the Summer of 2015, and then they were snapped separately but at the same restaurant in late 2016.

He has been played by Bradford Anderson since November 13, 2006, on contract since June 2007, and will also be one of the characters in the summer 2007 run of General Hospital: Night Shift. I mean, they're arcane, archaic phrases with no real meaning. I mean, y'know you could still be using dial-up, and she could be a high-speed chick.

Tell me how to make fair Lulu fall in love with me?

Upcoming action includes Don Swayze showing up on January 5th – the truth about his very short “GH” arc is interesting.

Franco tries to solve Tom’s murder since the PCPD can’t.

Cheryl posted a number of Snapchat videos in recent days of she and Kelly hanging over the holidays and there was not a man in sight! No, alas, the truth is far less interesting, but still fun.

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