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For instance, and give the Red, Green, Blue values of the first pixel, , , define the color of the second pixel, etc.

Given two frames , of a same video, we define the difference between these frames as the sum of the differences between their color values: We will consider that the two frames are similar when is under some arbitrary threshold .

A simple way to do this is to compare each frame of the movie with all the frames in the previous three seconds.

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For what follows, it is important to note that defines a between the frames, and can be seen as a generalization of the geometrical distance between two points in a plane: As a consequence has nice mathematical properties which we will use in the next section to speed up computations.

In this section we want to find the times (start and end) of all the well-looping video segments of duration 3 seconds or less in a given video.

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Looping GIFs are a very popular form of art on the Web, with two dedicated forums on Reddit (r/perfectloops and r/cinemagraphs) and countless Tumblr pages.

Finding and extracting well-looping segments from a movie requires much attention and patience, and will likely leave you like this in front of your computer: To make things easier I wrote a Python script which automates the task.

This post explains the math behind the algorithm and provides a few examples of use.

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