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His lawyer Chris Gunson SC told the court the 68-year-old kept the hard drive in a cupboard for two and a half years and did not view the images.

Mr Gunson said his client was not part of a child exploitation group, and had been searching for adult pornography when he found the material online.

“The consequences for someone who moved to Australia at 13, who’s lived almost his whole life as an Australian …

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The Government blamed Labor for the failed legislation, with acting Attorney-General Matthew Groom vowing to take the issue to the state election, due in March 2018."Labor have yet again used their numbers in the Legislative Council to block the Government's agenda and deny a sensible balanced amendment in support of responsible free speech," he said.

Labor spokeswoman Lara Giddings said it showed the Government was getting things wrong by using its majority in the Lower House to get legislation through."What's really disappointing is that the house of review has almost become a house of government because the Legislative Council has been relied upon more and more to fix the mistakes of legislation in the Lower House," she said.

“Mr Brown was not just searching for child pornography …

it came about by accident and then it was curiosity,” he said.

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