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“My parents couldn’t afford to send me to drama school, although I did have speech and acting lessons.

“I was rescued from an appalling marriage to an older man by a friend who was returning home to New Zealand, so I went along too.

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But none of her marriage could last and unfortunately, they all ended in divorce.

Firstly, she was married to BBC sound engineer John Staple in 1961 when she was 19, and John was 33.

Jan Leeming’s life also didn’t prove to be a bed of roses all the time as she had to face her share of misfortune that her life had to offer.

Jan has a list of husbands when it comes to her married life because she was married for five times.

In November 2006, Leeming was a contestant on the sixth series of I'm a Celebrity... For one of the trials, Leeming volunteered and for the other five she was voted to do them by the British public.

Former BBC newsreader Jan Leeming became a familiar face during the 80s, but her working life began in New Zealand and then Australia as an actress in the early 60s. Jan, 72, who is divorced, has one son from her third marriage and lives in her birthplace of Kent.

But she said that none of the men on the site had recognised her true identity yet.

"It's been great fun and I've had some lovely email conversations.

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