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Let go—or prepare to have it ripped from your clutches.Today's Leo new moon, also a potent total solar eclipse, illuminates your twelfth house of surrender. In true Gender Bender or Easy Sex Change situations, one rarely encounters a handsome man who becomes an unattractive woman.

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Seriously, how did Ariana Grande go from teen queen to practically begging people to come to her concerts?

It looks like being a total diva really can kill your career.

Be gentle with your feelings but firm in your resolve to break the pattern. The Sun heads into Virgo until September 22, directing your focus to the new and improved.

You may have spent the past month nursing a wound, rejuvenating your body, and even mourning a loss.

Contrary to stereotype, this can be Truth in Television.

It varies from person to person, however, as some of the changes involved with puberty involve reshaping the bones in the face; this results in the Lantern Jaw of Justice that can make it difficult for many men to pull this off.

Ready or not, you must release something that is no longer serving you.

This could be a toxic relationship, a harmful habit, even a belief or fear that limits you.

Today, el Sol refreshes your browser and restores your optimism. The glass is overflowing with opportunities if you just look around.

It looks like Ariana Grande is going to have to fake another relationship to make herself relevant again. Ariana Grande’s tour is sinking fast – and they are struggling to fill seats at her upcoming summer concert.

Fortunately, this is a new moon, meaning it's merely the beginning of a six-month cycle that culminates with the Leo full moon on January 31, 2018.

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