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Again, however, the ability to consolidate in this case is subject to one’s credit history.

Nonetheless, if a person qualifies for a Chase Private Student Loan Consolidation they will happily find that their multiple loans will be formed into a single consolidated loan with a single monthly payment.

For instance, you may be able to get a deferment if you can show economic hardship, are returning to school, are unemployed, or looking for a job.

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The Federal Student Loans, unlike the private loans, would comfortably rest on a fixed interest rate, and the consolidation would not require a credit check of any kind.

At this current moment in history, however, Chase no longer provides federal student loans.

I graduated from college have a great job using my degree but the cost of student loans is crazy.

When you have daycare, car payment, gas, food on the table and a mortgage student loans are the last thing to get paid. Ive already filed bankrupsty and there's still not enough money to go around.

If you meet these requirements, you might be an excellent candidate for student loan refinancing and consolidation!

If you don’t think you meet the requirements, don’t worry – as you can apply with a cosigner to increase your chances of getting approved for a better student loan.

The reason a student must determine how they financed their education is because a federal student loan and a private student loan cannot be consolidated together, but must consolidate separately.

If a student has received a number of private loans to help finance their education, said student can (subject to credit approval) consolidate their private loans, as long as the collective amount of the loans they are looking to consolidate have a value between ,500 and 0,000.

Disclosure: Student Loan Hero is a free website to help student loan borrowers.

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