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Interpersonal problems refer to how you're able to interact and communicate with others during conflict.

The eight dimensions of interpersonal problems include: “Different types of childhood abuse and neglect appeared to influence specific symptom dimensions and interpersonal relationship in adulthood," concluded Hyu.

However, on the inside I felt depressed and anxious.

I didn’t allow myself to share my thoughts and feelings, and this finally came to a climax when I was unable to speak my mind during my four-year relationship.

Led by Hyu Jung Huh, a doctor at the College of Medicine at Seoul St.

Mary's Hospital, the study “provides preliminary evidence that childhood trauma has an adverse impact on interpersonal problems in adulthood."Hyu studied 174 individuals diagnosed with depression and 151 diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

However, as time went on, I began to lose track of what being nice really meant.

When faced with challenges or confrontations with other people, I would automatically be agreeable, regardless of what I was feeling.

When two people are emotionally fused, there is insufficient emotional separation for either person to maintain a grounded and empowered sense of self.

As a result, emotionally-volatile people tend to swing from being hyper-accommodating to recalcitrant.

They tend to fuse emotionally both positively and negatively to others, behaving wonderfully when they feel good, and blaming everyone around them when things are not going their way.

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