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In the month of November, exactly a week before Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012) released, i was at Mannat.Yes, inside Shah Rukh Khan’s fabled mansion across the sea at Bandra.

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They want to see change in the behavior of the shamed or they just want to make sure everyone else sees how outraged and judgmental they are?

I’m guessing that it is the latter because their students, the women that they secretly take pictures of at Wal-Mart and their poop eating pets can’t see or don’t give a shit (no pun intended) about their “witty” comments and handmade sandwich board signs.

In fact, I started looking at the Twitter streams for a few of the ‘big name’ Twitter users.

I saw the same pattern: Twitter bigshot throws out statement, such as ‘The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all’, or some-such business witticism.

We’ve been taught that the content that gets the most reaction is the ‘best’.

In other words, we’ve been taught that social media is about creating content that gets the most Likes, the most RTs. Folks being engaged with someone’s content is NOT being engaged with them.

"I'm delighted in this team's commitment to giving this work, which deals so frankly with the complexity of young women and sexuality, a second life," said playwright Patricia Cornelius. Creative Team Directed by Erin Taylor Set and Costume Design by Isabel Hudson Sound Design by Nate Edmondson Performed by Julia Dray, Jessica Keogh, Danielle Stamoulos, Maryann Wright and Bobbie-Jean Henning.

Produced by Edgeware Forum and Rue de la Rocket in association with Red Line Productions.

So when I saw two little girls who are friends with my daughter huddled together calling another little girl a “hootchie mama” for the way that she was dressed my jaw hit the floor. Both being from quite religiously conservative families (one had told my daughter what a dirty word sexy was when they saw it on the list of Halloween costume no-noes last year) it was not surprising that they would take notice of clothing less conservative than their own, but come on, let’s call it what it was: SLUT SHAMING.

This school yard observation was one of the more recent occurrences that has fueled my recent obsession with slut (and public) shaming.

But slut shaming (and this 7 year old “hootchie mama shaming”) is something else. It is specifically meant to change the behavior of someone (women and young girls in particular) by making them feel ashamed of their bodies and their sexuality.

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