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Wikipedia Entry ABDL = NB I'm looking for sites that have/are building a community. After my freshman year of college, when I was home on break and met a girl that was two years younger than me. And when he came, he came on her stomach and tits and it was so much. .i fucked her 3 more times and didn't stop until she'd peed all over me,.thanks to our neighbor and his bed-wetting daughter !!!

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I put the condom on and put my dick in her, after two thrusts, I came. We hung out with the same main group, but also had different friends. I hated and loved to watch her dance with these muscular guys. I tried to argue with him and tell him no, but it was no use. She was wearing only a thong and her ass looked amazing as it stuck up in the air.

It was a good thing I could make her cum with my mouth. The dancing was so sexual, even if she said it wasn't. A couple days later, I got a call from Pete telling me to come over. I couldn't see his cock from the angle, but I saw her head moving up and down and her working with her hand.

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It turns out that I knew one of the guys from high school. He said he knew she had a boyfriend, but didn't know it was me until we met the other night. Pete told me he had already seen me in the panties, and that he'd tell everyone if I didn't listen. Now I should have been looking at my girlfriends hot ass as he took her leopard print thong down, but when she stood, I was able to see his huge cock standing straight up! She got back down to her knees in an attempt to ride him, but he told her to keep sucking, so she moved down. She told him to stop and he said shut up, you love it.

But hey, it was my first time, and it would get better, right? One time we were at a sports bar and we ran into a group of guys that she hung out with. We had a good time that night and I thought nothing of it. He said he hated telling me this, but he's been fucking Ashley. Soon I was over there and he had me standing in the middle of his apartment in a pair of Ashley's panties and bra that he had her leave. Finally, he was like, DO you want to watch us fuck? He told her to stand over him and he reached up and took her panties down.

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