Inner game dating women

Someone needed to tell the truth, no matter how blunt, how painful or how terrifying that would be.

Because someone (and that someone was going to have to be me) needed to speak about the truth.

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Your inner confidence is earned, every minute of every day you are doing something that is either building your confidence or destroying it… If you are unconfident about something, it’s because you have reinforced that belief over time based on other people’s reactions.

For example, if you are fairly short as a man and feel very insecure about your height, it’s because people have brought this up over time and it’s been embedded in your thoughts, feelings and actions.

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I have tried out a lot of different things in the meantime, and my experience is that younger women actually think it’s a huge compliment, being “hit on” by older guys.

I actually asked a lovely 19 year-old “What do you have to offer an experienced and grown up man like me other than a pretty face?

When I hear people say that they wish they had more confidence, it genuinely makes me angry. Because it’s not something that just falls out of the sky or you stumble across one day, so saying that you wish you had more confidence is a dumb thing to say. if you actually work on building your confidence (using proven techniques) and do things that naturally have a positive effect on your self-esteem, you have something that most don’t, which gives you an advantage in life.

This means, that you’ll be able to be the guy that women want, the guy that guys want to be and the guy that people turn to when they want advice, help or guidance.

Read more » Follow me on You Tube Follow me on Twitter Recently, a few of my close friends have been going through relationship breakups.

Most of them are handling it well and learning a lot in the process.

Having this at the forefront of my mind has caused me to think about relationships in a perspective that may be helpful for those of you going through a recent breakup or still trying to overcome one that happened a while ago. So, I thought I would give it to you first (so you can spend the rest of the post digesting it).

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