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The luxe look probably wasn't suited for much wiggling about, but it was so impossibly pretty, and the groom seems to agree! Of course the rest of the gang, Anthony Field and Simon Pryce, were in attendance and even the original members of the group, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt, came to watch Emma and Lacy exchange their vows — and a pair of wedding bands with Emma's signature Wiggles bow engraved on them!

"Seeing Emma was the most magical moment of my life. See More: Our Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings And while the bride's bouquet featured lush white and pale pink hues and a straght-from-the-garden vibe, the crooning couple's cake reportedly paid homage to their kiddie quartet, as it was decorated in the Wiggles' iconic colors and featured a wooden cake topper with an etching of Emma's bow.

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“One day I said ‘hey Lauren, if you don’t mind, can I come and join you? It nearly killed me but I hung around and we kind of formed a relationship through our love of fitness and health and it has kind of grown from there,” Simon says. A couple of kilometres in and we are not running together anymore.

❤️💙💛💜 #adelaide #showtime #thewiggles #fun #bigshow #dance #life #love #wigglylife 🎉🎶 A post shared by Lauren Hannaford (@lozhannaford) on “I used to see Lauren – she’s incredibly fit – go off in between shows and go for a run and do some exercise in carparks and all over the place.

We already knew they were great at quieting toddler tantrums, but who knew that the children's musical group your nieces and nephews listened to incessantly would eventually make for such beautiful bridal inspiration?

Two members of the friendly foursome — the yellow and purple Wiggles, to be exact — tied the knot over the weekend and it was even cuter than all their sing-along songs.

The pair were married in January, following in the footsteps of Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie (the Yellow and Purple Wiggles), and appeared on The Morning Show today to discuss married life.

I’m some guy a couple of hundred metres behind.” Simon says he is madly in love with his fitness fanatic fiance and can’t wait for their big day.

Asked by the mum-of-two whether kids were on the cards, 30-year-old Lachy didn’t hesitate, responding with a solid, ‘Yeah!

’ ‘My two younger brothers, one’s had a baby recently,’ Lachy explained.

They’ve only been married for three months, but newlywed Wiggles stars Emma Watkins and Lachy Gillespie are already talking about expanding their family.

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