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In 2013, her older brother Ben Patton set out to find his wife on NBC’s Ready for Love.

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You know, make it more like I disagree I think the appeal/charm of this is its NOT the Bachelor with more time & money spent on “fantasy dates”.

I enjoy hearing the matchmakers though they could cut down on their “pre date” talks, the analysis is interesting and sets this apart.

Jamie joked, “He owns a hospital, so we joke about that.

He tells me I’m so good with patients and with him, I’d always have a place to work!

Even though I've lived here for a year, I still don't know all of them."Otis starred in the 16th season of , but she has revealed that she is no longer in contact with the season's star Ben Flajnik."I don't even consider Ben an ex even though all of America does," she said.

The University of Texas-Austin graduate explained that having to keep their relationship under wraps during the months between filming and airing became 'very strenuous', especially during the holidays.

"He's coming to NYC on the 28th and we have plans to hang out."The reality star added: "We're going to have a night on the town and he's going to show me the hip spots.

From there, we started chatting and we've been actively talking," she commented.

” When asked about her current relationship with Ben Flajnik, Jamie explained, “I don’t even consider Ben an ex even though all of America does.”“I was never really into him,” said Jamie, who appeared on season 16 of and was eliminated on the sixth episode.

Meaning, Ernesto and god knows who else from the show are crashing at Eva’s place while they’re in Los Angeles for show-related media stuff.

The series was scheduled to air Tuesdays from pm to pm Eastern and Pacific time, and premiered in that slot on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. The last episode to air on NBC was the April 23 segment.

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