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He managed to chat with the International Space Station for about 45 seconds before the station went out of range – a spectacular achievement for an amateur.

It’s really difficult to capture the ISS because they are constantly moving.

I couldn’t find any statement from NASA relating this event.

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Undefeateds play undefeateds until there is only one left. We reserve the right to make small format changes as they make sense.

$500 to first place (1), $250 to second place (2), $45 to third place (4), $25 to fourth place (4).

A list of the current referees can be found on the join DOTA Staff Page and - if existing - on the website of the competition.

1.1.2 Any news article posted on join and/or the official competition website serves as an official announcement for the competition.

Members frequently bring smaller instruments and set up around the main observatory. If the weather is questionable, and you keep getting the observatory answering machine after (the time of) sunset, it is likely the public night has been cancelled (**check our Twitter site**).

However - clear nights permitting - we very much look forward to showing you some of the extraordinary sights in the universe.

Besides these general regulations for amateur tournaments, there are several individual rules for each competition.

You will find these on the particular tournament website.

These are great events for both the casual and competitive player, as you'll be able to play epic Dot A matches at times that are convenient for you! Check in will be open on the seasons page 15 minutes before games begin at pm EST or pm EST.

Brackets will be made at pm EST and if your team has not checked in, you will not participate and will not receive a refund.

Sunday, November 6, Thank a Veteran event will be held at Mc Crae House.

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