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Because I used to believe a good number of these things myself. Keep in mind that attraction is multi-faceted* and emotional investment does a LOT for the oo-la-la factor – BUT – if you’re engaged and you realize that you’ve never felt physical attraction to your guy, you need to take a step back. (However, if you ever see a news article titled Man Drops Dead From Not Having Sex, please alert me immediately.) There’s also a good number of women who are borderline terrified of marriage because they’re convinced it’s going to be like a Christian version of 50 Shades of Grey where they’re just forced against their will to do all kinds of nonsense while wearing an apron. I hope by the grace of God you marry a man who loves you, and I guarantee you that if a man loves you and you communicate your feelings, And, he will also listen when you say so.

You know, I used to believe this, and I’ve tried for the last 12 1/2 minutes to figure out why.

If you feel like you can’t tell your husband how you’re feeling, sign yourself up for counseling ASAP. Past mistakes will ruin your marriage, and your husband won’t want to marry a girl who isn’t a virgin. If you ever meet a man who says “Oh I won’t marry a girl unless she’s a virgin,” run for the hillllllsss are alliiiiiive with the souuund of conntroollll problemmmmms. This, from what I can tell, comes from our unfortunate misunderstanding that physical attraction/attractiveness = lust, and since lust = sin, attraction = sin. It’s things like adultery, cheating, and fantasizing/getting off to people who are not Your Amazing Committed Lover that are highly not-recommended.

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For me, going to counseling with my husband for the first 6 months of our marriage has been one of the best decisions of my life. I know counseling is ‘expensive,’ but prioritize counseling up there with food/rent, start praying for a counselor every day, and ask around until you’ve annoyed even the people greeting at church.] 7. We all know at least one horrifically miserable person who changed into someone else’s Perfect Spouse, instead of marrying someone who loved everything about them. Your life will always be yours, and a good man will understand and love that. Again, if you’re in love with a guy who wants you to “give up your life for him,” he’s got it all wrong. Look, if you really want to be a mom or wife one day, don’t kill off your natural healthy desires just because you can’t fulfill it right now. Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever initiate with a guy, ever.

I will never forget Day One when I realized that this man next to me on the sofa, spilling his heart, was just as messed up as I was – and we were BOTH trying as hard as we could to make this work. Sure, your life will change, and you’ll have someone to share it with now – but it will always be yours. You wouldn’t try to convince yourself that hunger is a sin just because dinner isn’t served for another hour and a half, would you? You recognize it as good and healthy, and you wait patiently before the Lord. Yeah, you know, because The First Interaction Formula is a fool-proof way of getting a guy who’s going to be responsible and servant-like in your relationship.

This isn’t good, and it sure as heck isn’t Biblical. This whole, big, great and beautiful life is about learning how many mistakes we’ve all made, and choosing to love one another through it. Counseling is for people who have gone through hard things, and who don’t have all the answers. Thanks to this gem, 95% of single women at your church are silently punishing themselves for not yet figuring out how to obliterate their desire to get married or have a boyfriend.

It’s Note: Sexual purity isn’t solely defined by virginity. It is impossible to marry a “sinless man” and no good man expects to find a “sinless woman.” A man who judges you for your sexual history has yet to remove the plank from his own eye, or is living in denial or fear. Which is me, and my husband, and every person I know. And simultaneously blaming themselves for keeping a good man away .

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