Mio c230 updating dating at forty

Since many Mio devices have the capability to store tracklogs, one would suspect that they might also support geotagging of photos taken with the GPS.

No pricing information or release date is known, but you’ll know when we do!

Gone is the asymmetrical screen placement which allowed for several buttons to be placed along the side.

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According to information we have obtained, it looks like Mio has a few new GPS devices in the pipeline.

We’ve already heard about the c520, but along with it we now expect to soon get further details about the c320 and c720. The new models will feature a new sleek look, just like the c520 that we have already seen.

However the biggest news is that at least one of the new models (presumably the c720) will also feature a 2.0 megapixel camera on the back of the GPS.

These new models will feature many of the other standard GPS features we’ve seen from Mio such as an external antenna, speaker for voice guidance as well as MP3 music playback and a headphone connector.

On purchase of Sat Guide C230 PND, the buyer gets a FREE GPS maps upgrade covering 628 cities and whopping 2 million Points of Interest.

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While still not as narrow as those two devices, it does shave some width from the c310x.

Mio has done a good job with button placement on this device.

Some feature changes are for the better, yet other features were dropped.

Still, the c220 will be a serious contender in the small, portable auto GPS segment. The first big change from the c310x is that the c220 comes in a different form factor.

The Mio c220 has been announced, a likely candidate to replace the c310x.

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