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As time passes, women begin to speak with their belly, this is not due to mentality issues, but due to affection that they have in their heart for the beloved and most meaningful part of their lives.

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The 2017 misfortunes continue as another beloved celebrity couple breaks up in just the first half of the new year.

According to news sources, Cho Hyun Young and Alex have naturally drifted apart due to their respective busy schedules.

We begin to live inside a fairy tale, which would later cause several mentality issues to one’s life.

There are several women in this world who have desires of being a mother.

Hyun Young’s label responded to the news, “We will release more information after talking with the artist.” Hyun Young is best known as a member of the now-disbanded group, Rainbow.

With her cute visuals and voice, she wowed the fans when she began building the most admirable body through hardcore training and yoga.

“We’re taking a picture of my family.” Rainbow (yes, that’s his real name) stood up and fled. “I just got here and I’m already being bullied.” He took an elevator upstairs and found a place to sit in a poolside lounge by a big, trickling marble fountain surrounded by guests relaxed in various states of dress.

“I would definitely not do well on the staff with the people this place attracts,” he said.

Along with all the mutual understanding a relationship gets stronger and stronger in time.

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