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If you like, please give it a try, and help me make the addon better. I am using r54 which I got from here and it works fine for me, but wanted to let you know that the Curse link from this page takes you to v4.3 on that says it was Updated 4 September 2012 .

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Some make the game UI look a little smoother and others help you get through boss battles easier.

Let's look at the most popular ones for the new expansion for new and returning players.

Coded from the ground up again for patch 3.3 and adapted to 4.0.1, I'm releasing it here so others may benefit.

Since Quest Helper is no longer actively developed, you may also want to disable the integration and then Right-Click the Watch Frame header ("Objectives") and in the pop-up menu select "Proximity" under "Sort Quests". Tell others Extremely long postings of error messages are unwanted in the comments section and will be deleted.

You will need to manually mark these quests complete as you see fit.

Due to the way the game handles Radiant quests, it's not possible for Sky Complete to automatically know whether you've completed the quest or not.3DNPC 1.00 (12/24/2014) - Initial release for 3DNPC support.1.40 (12/22/2014) - Item tracking added for Vanilla/Legendary.

Blizzard has really knocked it out of the park with World of Warcraft: Legion.

Great storyline, new Demon Hunter class, epic weapons for everyone, and tons of content to keep us all busy.

Tip: this also works well with Tourguide based addons For now I consider the tracker fairly feature-complete except for the buddy leveling-system which I hope to extend in the future. Please create a ticket with your problem on wowace.

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