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broke the mold with this hit reality series that helped pave the way for plural relationships to become a part of mainstream media.

Holly admitted she wanted to be married and have children– neither of which Hefner was willing to do.

She may have f--ked the same guy as Holly and Kendra, but that was so 2006.

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Born Bridget Christina Sandmeier on September 25, 1973 in Tillamook, Oregon, Marquardt is best known for her role on the television series The Girls Next Door, a reality show that follows her life as one of publisher Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.

Although she was never an official Playboy Playmate, she appeared in nude pictorials with her Girls Next Door costars and fellow 'girlfriends' Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson.

Did I mention @nicholascarpenter and I are engaged?

The couple began dating in 2008, after the good old days of Hugh Hefner orgies and being miserable in bed had come and gone.

The photos "only amplified the massive pressure to always look perfect and cause the girlfriends to spend hours critiquing their appearances," Madison writes.

(She also describes Hef as a "hoarder" with "endless desire for momentos.") 3.

but later said the network decided not to pick up the show.

Earlier this month, the 41-year-old announced she has a new TV show in the works.

In 2008, Marquardt began dating director Nicholas Carpenter and the two moved in together.

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