Validating radio buttons in perl dating igneous volcanic rocks

Instead of the standard alert window popping up (which I have now), I want the radio button background color to change from the table color (E2E2E2) to red (FF0000) for both buttons simultaneously.

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When the form is received in my e-mail, I can see which option was selected. When I click the CONTINUE button I should be redirected to page A or page B depending on which radio button was selected. At the same time, the form should be submitted to me in an e-mail, but no e-mail arrives.

You will want to submit the data to the page which sends to your email first. I kind of understand your logic in resolving the two issues, but you will have to forgive me... The script I have already used was copied from a free script page and modified by me (obviously without complete success). The e-mail should tell me which radio button option was selected.

There was a time when CGI was the only game in town for server-side programming; today, although we have ASP, PHP, Java servlets, and Cold Fusion (among others), CGI continues to be the most ubiquitous server-side technology on the Web.

CGI programs can be written in any programming language, but Perl is by far the most popular language for CGI.

Experience in HTML is required and experience in CSS and programming in another programming language would be beneficial. After some further on-the-job programming experience with the Java Script language, we recommend students attend our The Name “Java Script” The HTML DOM Java Script Syntax Basic Rules Dot Notation Square Bracket Notation Where Is Java Script Code Written?

Java Script Objects, Methods and Properties Methods Properties The Implicit window Object The get Element By Id() Method Event Handlers Built-in Functions Number(object) String(object) is Na N(object) parse Float() and parse Int() Built-in Functions vs.

How to call a web service from another web service?

Learn how to add checkboxes, radio buttons, and 'select' menus to HTML forms.

This 3-day Java Script Programming Introduction training course will teach students how to use Java Script effectively to make their web pages more dynamic and functional and to reduce the number of roundtrips to the server.

Students will learn Java Script syntax, how to work with variables, learn to write flow control logic, validate forms, create roll-over images, open and work with new windows, and learn to work with Java Script timers, intervals and navigation history.

The idea is to put each of the 3 different forms in this application of 3 different pages. The programming models for windows forms and web projects are very different there is no way to convert a web to windows forms project. Net User Group Hey Ajax-y, This tool really helps all programmers. Submit button ( code for form validation Hi, I am going thru a lesson to learn how to validate information on a web form. I don't like to write the secret password to the perl file.

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