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It’s estimated that one in four teens, ages 13 to 18, will have some sort of anxiety disorder at some point in their lives, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, so while it might make you feel emotionally paralyzed or alone, you’re definitely not the only one trying to cope.Even so, when you’re swiping on dating apps and trying to meet someone you can tolerate past a few dates, anxiety adds a whole other layer of complication to finding love.Add to that my own personal insecurities about the way I look, and the possibility that, as a woman, I might be catcalled or otherwise harassed when I go outside and it feels like a recipe for disaster for me.

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Individuals with social anxiety disorder are often overlooked or “invisible” in the classroom.

They will appear to be uninterested by teachers because they fail to ask for help when their grades continue to fall.

“There are differences between each type of anxiety disorder, but most people who say or feel like they have anxiety don't actually meet criteria for an anxiety disorder.

Though you may worry a lot, that alone is not enough to be ‘officially’ diagnosed with anxiety,” she explains.

For a person with social anxiety disorder, the fear of “asking a stupid question” might be enough to keep them from asking at all.

In some other cases, they might not ask a teacher for help because they fear that the educator will think they are “dumb” or “stupid.” In some cases this will lead to poor grades for the social anxiety sufferer.

Rather than criticize or accuse someone of hypochondria, understand and accept the fact that there is a real physical cause of more frequent illness.

They don’t feel “okay,” and they do not want someone continually asking them that question.

While most people will accept a “bad hair day” or clothing that may not be wonderfully flattering, those with social anxiety put huge emphasis on physical appearance, convinced that they are being regularly judged by how they look. Give compliments on their physical appearance; tell them that their outfit looks good on them; tell them that the color they are wearing is great; praise any physical feature that you can.

This bolsters self-confidence and creates a feeling of acceptance.

disorder (and that it affects me greatly in everyday situations) to intentionally analyzing my anxiety disorder in relation to how it makes me think, feel and behave.

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