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Although the job does not take advantage of her training in physical therapy, "this is better than staying at home," she says through a translator, "and I think that I am gaining new experiences to be a useful woman in my community." Without mobile phones, says Souktel co-founder Jacob Korenblum, a lot of the approximately 750 women worldwide who have work through the program would still be unemployed.Mobile technology was available to Salameh, but that's often not the case for women.

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Stat, where you can build your own tables, graphs and maps. Stat contains all the latest available data and indicators, for education, literacy, science, technology and innovation, culture, communication and information.

Cyberbullying, particularly over mobile, is an unfortunate trend.

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Enas Salameh, a 24-year-old college graduate living in the Palestinian West Bank city of Jenin, needed a job this summer.

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But why did more children report bullying happening to others as opposed to themselves?

According to the CRC, "only 1 in 10 teens tells a parent if they have been a cyber bully victim," and "well over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs," which might mean kids are less likely to talk about getting bullied to any adults, period.

This guide may not help you find your Swedish Valentine, but it might just shed some light on the tantalizing mystery known as the strong, silent Nordic type.

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