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Bacteria is usually found in a woman’s vagina, but this healthy bacteria can be destroyed by an introduction of unhealthy bacteria.

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and I was like 'Someone should put that as a line on their song', and no one would ever do it," leading her to create her own version entitled "Pussy Two Times." "It's so funny to me because that song wasn't even about vaginas, it just happened to get on my crotch, but it's actually saying "you're all pussies" ...

I just did it [the video] because people obviously like vaginas, so I'll do it there but it's so weird to me to see the part two actually be about 'pussy'." During an interview in early 2012, Azalea also talked about the perception people had of her sexually-charged imagery, "So much of what I do that’s controversial in America wouldn’t be a big deal back home.

అవును యోని గురించి చాలా విషయాలు మనలో చాలా మందికి తెలియదు మరియు వీటి గురించి మీకు ఎవరు చెప్పారు.

యోని గురించి మాట్లాడుకోవటం చాలా గొప్పనైన విషయంగా చెప్పవచ్చు, ఎందుకంటే దీని గురించి కనుగొనవలసిన నిజాలు ఇంకా ఉన్నాయి కాబట్టి.

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Intercourse should never be painful, and when a woman experiences itching and burning* sensations in her vagina, it can be a sign that something is wrong.

"Pu$$y" was recorded in Los Angeles in 2011, where Azalea had been residing since 2010 after migrating from Australia to Miami in prior years to pursue her rap career, and was produced by Chordz 3D and Fuego from D. I'm talking about that just because I, personally as a female, think that it's so ridiculous that there's this double standard where I can't say that, or if I do say it it's this or that," she reflected, "I said it because of that, and not because I'm super kinky and want everybody to know about my great vagina." The song originated from her remix of Gucci Mane's 2011 song "Gucci Two Times." Azalea explained, "I really liked the song, but it was a remix thing.

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