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She ensnared 007, performed occult sacrifices in Arthurian England and, in her latest film, plants a lingering kiss on the still-warm lips of a man she’s just beheaded. I was like, “OK, you’re going to come home with me.” You’ve had a place in London for a while now. But come on, French people know how to drink, don’t worry about that.So it makes sense that French star Eva Green is now taking me deep into the dark, twisted heart of, erm, one of Britain’s biggest department stores.“What I do on my days off is go to Selfridges and browse around the furniture department,” she says, her faintly cut-glass (and only vaguely French) voice breaking into a giggle. First of all, she’s a woman at the head of the Navy, which is pretty unusual. I always try to take a hand in the costumes because you have to be comfortable. The ones that look at themselves in the mirror all the time and are so self-conscious, it’s just... How do you go about researching for a role like this? I had bruises all over my body afterwards, and I smacked Sullivan [Stapleton, her co-star who plays vengeful Athenian Themistocles]. I don’t really feel French though – I’m kind of a mix and I have lots of British friends.No, it’s about music, fast cars, looking sharp and copping off with the opposite sex.

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The classic high school film – and, yes, more often than not it is the American high school experience that we see at the cinema – is a Hollywood staple. Yes, it’s set in a very definitive place and time – Austin, Texas; 1976 – but this archetypal high school film speaks to everyone who has ever passed through the school gates. Rebellion, sex, drugs, sports, dictatorial authority, bizarre initiation ceremonies and, erm, woodwork all feature in this iconic Richard Linklater picture.

School is not about education, feeding the imagination or providing children with the skills necessary to succeed in life.

Sometimes when examining the wilful obscurity of the contenders, it can seem as if chart placings are actually given a minus value, whilst bonus points are awarded for being forward thrusting, experimental and completely unknown.

In 2014, when Ed Sheeran’s X was the biggest selling album of the year, he was completely overlooked by the Mercury, whose eventual winners, Young Fathers, had gone unnoticed by most before the ceremony and failed to break into the top 30 even after their triumph.

As kids we were routinely told by our parents and other, no doubt, well-intentioned adults that school time would be the best days of our lives.

Thankfully, they weren’t – last Tuesday, for instance, was pretty special.

I did proper training with the guys and I loved it. No, but I killed two people during filming and they covered it up. So did the need to maintain those 300 six-packs mean there was no room for fun or drinking on set? Before each scene they had to do burpees and things with the weights and all that. I was all covered up so I could smoke, I could drink wine [laughs]. Have you ever balked at something like that when it’s been in the script? Well, people always talk about the sex scenes in my films. Even my sister brought it up when she came to see me while I was filming in Ireland last year. “I put my hand there, then you grab this boob, then you do that...” So through doing that you feel like there are no surprises and you’re in safe hands. In indie films you do, but not in big blockbusters, and that just doesn’t seem fair [laughs]. All the characters have secrets and they’re not exactly aliens, but they don’t quite fit into society. She’s a different character with every man she’s with, so it’s like I’m playing a real actress.

Is working with lots of insanely ripped, shirtless guys in any way a perk? You’re like, “Yeah, whatever.” You said in the past that you don’t like guys who wear any sort of fragrance. The thing with sex scenes is, I mean, it’s not like we’re doing all the positions in the Kama Sutra and all that, but we have to make it different. She said, “Why is there a sex scene in every film that you do? Sex is part of our lives, so I think it’s justified. There have been calls recently for more on-screen male nudity to even things up. Away from that, you’re set to star in a dark new Victorian drama called Penny Dreadful. It’s me, Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Harry Treadaway, who is absolutely fantastic in it. It is another femme fatale, but it’s an incredible cast, great script and a really funny role, actually.

Singer Kate Tempest heads up an all-female shortlist in the poetry category.

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