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Or, at least, Nick insisted, because as the weaker willed of the two, and for whom the bigger the lie, the more vicious the fight, Phil had a tendency to stumble over his words, proving just how precarious their social game and refusal to admit to deceit were.But before the Tweedledee and Tweedledum of the season were crowned, plenty went down.

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I informed them that I blogged about BB this past summer, and I have their consent to write this.

According to NF there NEVER was any romantic relationship between GM & Nick.

Essentially forfeiting, Tim knew full well the brothers and Kelsey had become allies in the final weeks of the season and would plan to choose each other when it came time for the newly crowned Ho H to pick an opponent for the jury vote.

Big Brother 8 cast member Nick Starcevic posted a picture of his junk to his Twitter followers.

” as the choirs and audience murmured to each other in astonishment.

Mel continued: “So your lovely brother Nick, I believe, is going to step in. ”Hesitating, Joe replied: “I’ll text him right now and make sure he shows up.”Presenter Mel then asked: “What are you going to tell him about this group?

Turning to Joe after he had selected this evening’s winner, Mel said: “Joe, being an incredibly busy international slash global popstar, you’re not actually going to be able to join us, are you, for the live final?

“But, never fear, when you lose one Jonas you gain another.”Looking surprised that his brother was filling his shows of the show, Joe gasped: “Ah!

Nick has been held hostage by Gina Marie’s obsession with him for several months; and her parents, fans, & some former BB HG’s are enabling this behavior.

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