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The two buildings that were built became a hen house and a new and more modest carriage house.[10] However, it is apparent the old carriage house did not make a very suitable schoolroom, because by 1912 this building had once again been repurposed as a nursery with another new small wooden workshop and house built in this backyard area.

Between 19 electric lighting was installed into the main building. Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Burlington Vermont, Sanborn Co., 1912.

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In the old days, the descent from normality to lunacy might be rapid or unpredictable, largely because our understanding of medicine and psychiatry was limited.

One person who moved from being a pillar of society to becoming an inmate of Bedlam was Augustin Pugin, architect of London's Big Ben.

Residency Showings are an opportunity for our Residency artists to share their work during development and to embrace the dialogue that emerges as part of the creative process.

Friday, September 9 at pm The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St.

I love the word 'bedlam', meaning insane or totally out of control.

It comes from the Royal St Mary Bethlehem Hospital in Bishopsgate, London.

The Royal Bethlehem was an asylum dating back to the 15th century where poor creatures suffering from seizures and other afflictions were remanded to end their days roaring and screaming, packed away out of sight.

Bethlehem was abbreviated to Bedlam and the word bedlam fell into common usage.

Michaud.[2] The first appearance of an orphanage on North Avenue was somewhat curiously listed in the city directory as "Providence Orphan Asylum" and this property shows up with this name in the city directories throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.[3] "St.

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