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It is also a major transit hub for the smuggling of opium, which eventually ends up in the hands of heroin dealers in Western cities.

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This directory of newspapers published in the United States since 1690 can help identify what titles exist for a specific place and time, and how to access them.

Nowhere are these conflicts more starkly illustrated than in the case of Tajikistan.

Embedded in the oil-rich Central Asian region, and bordering war-torn Afghanistan, Tajikistan occupies a geo-strategically pivotal position.

She shows the internal contradictions of a country in every sense at the crossroads, reconciling its bloody past with an uncertain future.

She assesses the impact of regional developments on the reform movement in Tajikistan, and in turn examines how changes in Tajik society (which is the only Central Asian country to have a legal Islamist party) might affect the region.Use the options below to select a particular place and time, using keywords to locate specific titles. IN TAJIKISTAN Tajik fiction in the 20th century has drawn from a variety of sources.To search for more specific criteria, continue with the advanced search option below, but if you're too specific, you could limit the results.Central Asia has become the battleground for the major struggles of the 21st century: radical Islam versus secularism, authoritarianism versus identity politics, Eastern versus Western control of resources, and the American 'War on Terror'.Best Turkish translation Services Turkish Translation services company offering high quality professional Turkish Translation at excellent prices.

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