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(Not in a “I’m such a happy, healthy woman” way, just literal glowing.) Who can she trust with her secret? An independent teenager with special powers can be private if she wants. However, it’s time to set the record gaily straight.

Larisa Oleynik has kept her personal life private and out of the spotlight.

She usually doesn’t talk about her private life in media and public.

The smooth, charming Hitch is thrown off his game when he meets a smart and gorgeous gossip columnist played by Eva Mendes. The farcical movie revolves around a playboy doctor who decides to settle down with a much younger woman (Brooklyn Decker), and convinces his nurse to pose as his estranged wife to cover up an embarrassing lie.

Another popular Adam Sandler film is 1998's film Newly fired under-achiever Jack and ambitious but broken-hearted Joy meet on a trip to Las Vegas and have an unforgettable fling, which includes a drunken wedding.

I live in a city where they say, “The dream of the ‘90s is alive.” Yes, Portland. I picked up a book from a thrift store a few weeks ago and the cashier pointed to her head and back to the book cover.

It was part of the series, the Nickelodeon TV show that ran from 1994-98 even provided with it a series of paperbacks.

In real life, the little tomboys of the ‘90s were asking for Umbros, jean overalls, Airwalks, beanies, and duh—snap-back hats.

There’s a photo of me in a backwards-black snap-back hat, Lycra shorts, an oversized T-shirt with the sleeves rolled, and all-black Reebok sneaks.

star begins her multiple-episode run on the CBS drama on Monday playing Jenna Kaye, a CIA agent visiting from Langley, Va.

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