Andrea corr dating brett desmond

But I'm still wholesome even if I write about people who aren't! "Yes, I do, but I'm not proud of it." Does she attend church?"In an attempt to establish exactly how wholesome she actually is, I venture a few direct questions. "I go to churches to pray, but I don't go to mass." Does she take drugs? " she splutters, spitting out the food she was eating.I'm going to have to start to call the engaging pair Lady Dundalk and the Earl of Desmond, such is their sartorial elegance.

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Yet there is a curious balance of the exotic and ordinary in her unaffected poise, her looks almost at odds with her unpretentious, wide-eyed manner and girlish good humour. "You play music with your brothers and sisters, people think you love to be close and cuddle all the time.

The front woman and youngest member of the multi-million-selling Irish family band the Corrs was once voted the most beautiful woman in the world, and, launching a solo career at 33, her physical allure has certainly not faded.

Staying on the subject of chic, Brendan Courtney is hosting a very fashion-friendly wedding showcase at 2pm today in the Druid's Glen Resort in Wicklow.

As Lisa Murphy is only down the road in Drayton Manor with Master Kean, she should really pop along to check out the bridal show and finally get to try on a white dress.

Beaming as she emerged from the church a married woman, Irish singer Andrea Corr wed her fiancée Brett Desmond in a church ceremony in County Clare on Friday.

The delighted bride looked radiant in a strapless white gown, tied with a ribbon around the waist, for the ceremony which took place at St Joseph's church in the village of Miltown Malbay.

Chef Dylan Mc Grath was also in with top actor Liam Cunningham.

Your occasionally dapper diarist was also in House, as were lots of Dublin's trendier young things.

It opens with the resolutely unwholesome Hello Boys, a dirty, flirty synth-glam stomp in which Andrea casts herself as enthusiastic prostitute. "It's a chance to try on people that you wouldn't be brave or stupid enough to be in real life.

You don't have to take responsibility for depraved or debauched behaviour.

Andrea Corr was born to Gerry Corr, a manager of the payroll department of the Irish Electricity Supply Board (the E. The Corrs signed with Atlantic Records in 1995 and travelled to North America to record their debut album Forgiven, Not Forgotten.

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