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Remember sexual or offensive chat names are against the site rules, and will result in you being ejected or banned.

Initially your chat name is your entire online personality.

" to find "Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?

Choosing the right chat name The more creative and original your chat name the better.

When you are new to certain chat rooms people do not know you so just like in real life, first impressions will count.

Offensive, common or unimaginative chat names will not stand out in the crowd.

I'll leave this for another post though and I'll stick to our main theme: leveraging the power of Web Sockets to create a real-time application using Django Channels.

Django Channels are supported in the most recent version of Django (1.10).

Go down to "Birthdays" and switch "on" to "off." Now just put your friends' birthdays in their phone contact because you're twentysomething and can manage to do that now.

This is so those unflattering pictures from last night don't automatically make it onto your timeline.

Skype already has a bunch of fun preloaded emoticons for you to choose from, like the Emo guy (emo), the dancing guy (\o/) and, of course, the ever popular puking smiley (puke).

But there are loads of hidden Skype emoticons that you can access… With the cheat sheet below, you’re all set to wow your friends in Skype chats. Note: They’re all animated, so just type the codes into a Skype chat to see ‘em in action.

Lately we see a constant switch towards real-time applications.

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