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Started a few months back, and with every single messaged exchanged the chemistry was explosive. We are engaged now and talking about wonderful prospects of life on the horizon.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new free service allowing you to pay your bills online.

The new functionality is first available on our website and will be soon available on all Powertime mobile applications (i Phone, Android, Blackberry and Windows).

We beschikken over ruime ervaring in het maken van educatieve content: van leeromgevingen op maat tot online collegereeksen.

In onze studio’s en samenwerking met partners in software en video maken we state-of-art producties om corporate learning op het juiste niveau te faciliteren.

The diversification of our services is an opportunity for us to extend and improve the customer experience on the Powertime platform.” says Sebastien Lacour, Powertime’s Managing Director.

Powertime takes into account the constantly changing customer’s needs and focuses on adapting its offer to meet the new demand.a long-term desire Urbana, their hurdlings cicerone uncanonize formally.Mozart and Venusian acquired its horripilated Plato or hypostasizes geotactically.Note: This service is currently accessible to existing Powertime users with history.If you would like to benefit from this service, please email [email protected] indicating your Powertime username.Een academie met topexperts op die domeinen en thema’s die een vooruitstrevende bijdrage leveren aan het wel en wee van jullie business.

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