Abusers intimidating pets with staring

Why are Pit Bull owners and apologists so defensive?I recently came across an article and study that endeavors to answer that question.Their purpose or motive for the way that they treat you is actually about what serves them much more than it is the way that they see you.

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Far too often, survivors believe that once the assault ends, it is done and they don’t need to talk about it.

Yet the choices made, the decisions not made, and the relationships that come afterward tell a different story.

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In my work with adult survivors of sexual assault, I am beginning to notice a pattern of behavior that I have termed “wounded attachment.” The impact of childhood sexual assault has reverberating effects on almost every facet of survivors’ livelihood, from relationships with family, friends, partners, spouses, and children to their jobs, finances, faith, etc.

It is as if sexual assault redefines one’s pattern of and trajectory in life.Part of the way that they convinced me of my lesser value was through the subtle or obvious messages that something was ‘missing’ or ‘wrong’ with me and with my reactions to life.When I was a child and my teacher yelled at me saying that I wasn’t paying attention because I didn’t have the right answer, and then she rolled her eyes and added that I was such a frustrating child, I reacted by trying harder.I didn’t like the feeling that I was such a disappointment; as long as I was trying harder, the teacher felt like she was in control.Remember the kids in school who ignored the teacher and didn’t seem to be affected by the reprimands and just kept doing the things that made the teachers angry but kept the rest of the class giggling? I remember being afraid I hated the way she defined me as “a daydreamer” and “lazy student” and how she would say “oh what am I going to DO with you Darlene?This is a culture unto itself that in many ways is fighting against or cleaning up the mess left by other communities within the greater pit bull culture.

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